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What do you want most for you and your dog?

yTiny Pets Canine Education and Enrichment is dedicated to helping people build and maintain mutually respectful relationships with their dogs. Training is more of a process that you share with your dog than a class that you take. Everybody’s goals are unique. We hope to set you on a path towards better communication with your dogs through helping them understand what behaviors you do want. We have a passion for working more towards the behaviors most important in your home and less on rigid obedience standards of the past. Many times what is most important for one family is less so in another. Let us help your pup fit in!

Much of what we ask of dogs is not natural to them, they don't just instinctively understand us or our ways. We will help you learn what motivates your dogs so that it becomes easier for them to choose behaviors you find more acceptable. We are passionate about the learning process, and getting to know what dogs like best, and that moment your dog is clearly understanding what you are communicating. We help you find more ways to say “Yes!” rather than “NO!” We understand that dogs feel pain and experience fear and anxiety and are committed to never use force, fear, pain, and intimidation in our training methods.